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Sickle Section Hoe

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The Sickle Section Hoe is by far the handiest and most convenient hoe that I have ever owned. It has a standard sickle blade welded on to the end of a Maple hoe handle curved rod. Anyone with a farm background, or understands a farming operation recognizes that heavy duty sickle section blades that are riveted onto a sickle bar that are installed into a agricultural mower or combine operate and cut for thousands, and more likely tens of thousands of "cuts" and will show very little wear, even after years of useage.

Most cheap hoes that are purchased at the more common discount outlets are made of light weight metal and they have not been sharpened, and furthermore, they will not stay sharp. Plus, they have probably been made in Mexico or China, or some other foreign country. If you are a gardener, then you know that a hoe must be sharp to perform at its best.
There are some sickleblade-type "knockoffs" on the market that are described as "triangle" blade hoe, but upon inspection, you most likely will find that they are made of the same inferior metal as standard garden hoes, and therefore are likely to need routine and regular sharpening in order to perform ideally.

The sickle section blade that is the key element of this product is has been sharpened and hardened during the manufacturing process. They are made of high grade steel that will not likely ever require sharpening. The small point makes it very easy to hoe in delicate areas around flowers and vegetables, that are particularly delicate in the early stages of growth. But when a broader pattern is required, it is simply a matter of a slight rotation to take full advantage of the full sharpened length of the sickle section blade... on either side, making it more convenient and productive... get more hoeing done faster!
The handle is factory produced of hard Maple and has been sanded smooth and poly-coated to prevent splintering and wear due to weathering when the hoe is left in the garden and at the mercy of the weather environment.
Local checking at Orschlen, Menards, Tractor Supply, TruValu, etc. have not located a product that is even remotely close!
Made of high grade, hardened steel that will
never need sharpening.
Hardwood Maple Handle is poly coated and will not splinter, even when left outside to the elements.

Length: 51" Blade: 3" top / 3.5"side / 1/2" tip Approx. Wgt: 1 lb—11 oz.

Price $40.00
S & H included in lower 48 USA
payment via debit/credit card or PayPal
Hi, I've got potatoes, onions, and English peas planted so far and want my lettuce and spinach in-ground soon. I appreciate you offering this for sale. I've been looking for this hoe for over 30 years, after buying a similar one in West Texas farm country. Best hoe I ever owned.
Thank you!.. Have a great day!
My most indispensable hand tool. I use it for trenching irrigation lines, garden, around trees. Sharp as the day I got it. Actually, I don't think I will ever have to sharpen it.

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